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In technology, there usually is a trend toward new startups taking what once was only available in enterprise level software and creating something to compete that small and midsize businesses can afford. In addition, many of these companies aren’t just copying what’s out there but giving a new take on a product category by adding features geared toward small and midsize businesses.

However, the issue we have seen is that many companies trial or buy this software because they hear of it’s popularity and believe that it is easy to use based on what the software website advertises. Even with the easiest of programs, learning and implementation still requires a time and energy commitment that many business owners simply don’t have. So the product sits Idle on their site.

For example, we have had many customers come to us to inquire about our conversion rate optimization services to improve their conversion rate and they were a bit shocked to hear how many hours it would take and how much it would cost (Our rates highly competitive but even so). Then we would find out the have a $29 monthly subscription to a product like Hotjar and have done nothing or next to nothing with it. So we would tell them, do you realize if you just spend about 8 to 10 hours you could get enough info out of your current Hotjar subscription to drastically improve your conversion rates.

That was when we realized that selling only complete CRO (conversion rate optimization) projects that could cost thousands of dollars, we were missing out on helping a large amount of people who didn’t want to pay that amount of money. In fact those were the very same people who with just a few hours of work, we could help them capture the low hanging fruit using a powerful but inexpensive program that they may even already have sitting idle. More often than not, this product seemed to be Hotjar which is both powerful and easy to use.

That was when we decided to offer Productized Action Plans which we refer to as Sticky Enhanced. We are not reinventing the wheel or claiming we have some new methodology. We simply are following the implementation plans and analysis procedures recommended by the software company. And the “we“ who are doing the work are experts in the field and the program at hand so you can expect expert recommendations. Our first foray into this is our Productized Hotjar Strategic Action Plan. We have three levels, all one time fees, starting at $299.

We still also do “more standard“ digital marketing related work billable by the hour so if you want to spend more we won’t turn you away We look forward to continuing to work hard for our customers and are committed to working with you using the latest technology without breaking the bank.


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Our team of experts is as talented as they our dedicated in seeing your project through to your absolute delight. No less than this is acceptable to any of them.



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