How Hotjar helped me triple my Click-through rate the first time I used it!

I was doing some affiliate marketing involving a subscription based software tool and wanted to use adwords to get things going quickly. However, I had never been able to get it to yield me a positive ROI (Or at least not for a few months out assuming the customer stayed on that long). I started off on Adwords using very few and very focused keywords such that almost anyone who saw my ad based on their keyword search would think it relevant.

The page that adwords clickers were brought to would give them some helpful tips on some things they should do before buying the software in question. When i started advertising I was getting a very low percentage of clicks to my affiliate website and I had no idea why. My site looked good to me and seemed like it had a lot of good tips. I had heard about Hotjar and installed it (basically just putting a piece of code in my site). The next day I awoke to see 30 recordings. I was very excited to sit down and watch them. Probably as excited as I would be to watch any show that I loved (which at that time was 24).

The first thing I noticed on the playback screen was that I was able to see all pertinent user data on the right side of the screen such as Country, Device, page(s) recorded, and duration of the recordings. I brought up the first recording and it was like looking over someone’s shoulders who was sitting in front of their computer. I saw a mouse cursor on the screen moving around my website and leaving a red trail as it traversed the screen. It’s funny to watch when someone isn’t scrolling down a page and stops to read, almost without fail they hover their mouse around what they are reading (and sometimes randomly click on text 🙂 so you can pretty much tell what they are viewing on the page.

After watching a few videos, I already had a good inkling of what was happening. As I was watching, It seemed that after viewing the first paragraph, some people left the site right away. For others that read more, many stopped at somewhere around the middle of the article. So I hypothesized that the group leaving after viewing the first paragraph either didn’t find what they expected to see, didn’t like the content, or found it irrelevant.

Then when I reread the first paragraph with a more informed mindset, I realized that the content would have applied to only about 25% of the audience I was advertising to! So I made changes by moving text that I thought would have more broad appeal to the beginning of the article. Then when I ran the ads a bit more, I found the number of people reading only the first paragraph and leaving dropped by about 50%! This was great but still only about 20% read till the end where they could see my big click button to the merchant’s website.

I then figured that if people are reading through the first half, they must have found it somewhat interesting. (I don’t remember how many words whole article was but it would take about 2 minutes to read whole thing). So if they were interested why did they stop reading? I then assumed I probably overestimated their attention span :). I then decided to cut the amount of text in half and voilà, my click through rate tripled! That was easy! I guess things are easier when you’re not flying blind, which in hindsight is how I felt I had been operating my website. When using an analytical tool like Hotjar, you need to be prepared for a bit of trial and error but when you diagnose and fix a problem, the rewards are well worth it!

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