How Mailerlite ruined my business

My business:

I am an entrepreneur and a few years ago I saw what looked like a great opportunity to become an email marketing service provider (like MailChimp and ConstantContact). I noticed that I could outsource the sending part to a company such as Amazon Web services who just announced ridiculously low rates of 10 cents per thousand emails. That means sending 100k emails for just $10! For the sending software, there were some platforms I could simply buy and rebrand. I could be a hero and save people 50% to 80% over their current provider!

Things started out ok, with many people switching from their current provider, eager to try a new solution that would save them over 50% off of what they are paying now. But things started getting difficult to manage whenever customers had any issues. With just myself and 3 contractors, I found it impossible to keep on top of everything. This included vetting new customers, making sure our software worked properly, our customers were happy, and our IP sending reputations were up to snuff. Furthermore, at the low prices I was charging, I could only afford to hire contractors inexperienced in email marketing that I had to train.

Tragedy strikes

Then in 2016 things took a turn for the worse. We always billed ourselves as the cheapest full featured email service provider on the planet. As I was doing some competitor research, I came across MailerLite. Navigating to their site my first impression was very positive in terms of the professionalism of the site. But when I clicked on the pricing page, I got a huge scare. They were charging almost half of what I was! I started furiously going through all of Mailerlite’s features, hoping that they were lacking some that I had, but was disappointed to find that was not the case. Perhaps there were some hidden fees in their pricing, but there was not. I then signed up for a free account. As I delved into everything, I became more and more impressed with what a solid product they had built.

My enlightenment

How could a company with such a mature product and too good to be true pricing just come out of nowhere? Well it turns out that they started developing their product in 2010. Their site showed a staff of 27 people and more than 200k users “from global brands to small business and freelancers”. It seems the reason why I hadn’t heard about them is that they were focused globally, not on just the US or other English speaking countries as many competitors were. Their office is in Vilnius, Lithuania and it seems they can keep their costs down by having half of their team works remotely from places such as Brazil, Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand. If you go to their about page you will see pictures of a youthful staff who I have learned are very energized and enthusiastic about their mission of keeping “100% focused on building something our customers love.”



Silver lining

So I started questioning how I could go on calling my company the lowest cost full featured provider when we were outclassed by a better and cheaper product and stronger team. Then I decided I couldn’t keep this better solution from my customers. It was then I decided to migrate all of them to MailerLite. As an affiliate of MailerLite, I would still make money off of my users. Out of the 100s of my users that moved to MailerLite, everyone i heard from was very happy with their change. It was then I decided I would shut down my business and instead focus on evangelizing what actually is the lowest price, full featured email service provider on the planet.

Additionally, I feel I also have a unique perspective on competitors in the industry, having been an email service provider myself. I have spent tons of time looking at various email marketing platforms to use or white label or that I might have to compete with. Mailerlite was the only service that I found that had a low price point and a solid enough platform to compete with the “big boys” such as ConstantContact, Mailchimp, and AWeber.

A few more things:

Mailerlite’s delivery is great. This is not by accident. Each new signup is scrutinized to make sure they don’t take on any customers that are spammers or those violating their terms of what content they allow (They are pretty much on par with their competitors as to what they allow if not a bit more conservative). This means that they can with high confidence ensure that their IP addresses used for sending stay clean and that they have a good reputation to get delivery to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc..

Their support is 24/7 by chat/email and it is better than most competitors. How can I say this? For starters, some competitors don’t have 24/7 support and for those that do, in many cases off hours support is outsourced to an overseas call center to people who may have little vested interest in the company they are doing support for. Conversely as Mailerlite has people working directly as part of the company working in different countries and time zones around the world, you will always get help from someone who is truly a part of the Mailerlite team


Pricing is ultra competitive and you should check out the latest pricing on Mailerlite’s website.


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