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Nothing can touch Mailerlite for the least expensive email marketing service provider with a full feature set. According to their website, the name MailerLite was given a few years ago when they created their software as it were to have all of the essentials without any bells and whistles. However, this reviewer thinks the “lite” is no longer appropriate.

Mailerlite has three editor options that you can use to edit one of the great looking stock templates or start from scratch. The drag and drop editor works as smoothly as any other I have tried. It has icons that let you easily add dividers, text boxes, images, social links, and much more. It also lets you enter personalization variables. All of the newsletters that you create will automatically work in other devices such as your mobile and you can see a simulated preview on these devices. You can see some examples of amazing newsletters customer’s have designed with Mailerlite’s editor here . There of course also is a somewhat standard html editor, and this editor lets you see a live preview as you work on the code. Lastly there is a WYSIWYG rich text editor. I checked that I could easily switch off between all three editors without breaking any code.



One standout feature of Mailerlite is the built in photo editor. For basic photo editing, you won’t need to use photoshop or another standalone editor. Their editor has a bunch of basic features such as adjusting brightness and contrast, cropping and resizing, and many others. As a photography novice, I found it easy to get the results I was looking for using this editor on an image I downloaded from istockphoto.

The file manager feature manages all of your images. It’s quite basic, but logical and functional. I like that it uses virtual folders so that I can put multiple tags on each image. Also there are multiple sorting options such as my most preferred one, newest first.

Adding subscribers is pretty standard. I particularly like that in addition to CSV and text files, they let you import from Excel, which is the format I prefer to work with. You can add as many custom fields as you want and create as many segments as you want. Merge tags are automatically created for any custom fields you add.

For signup forms there are two options: the old standard embeddable forms, or the newer style popup forms. The embeddable forms can be edited in almost any way imaginable as well as the confirmation page for which you have access to all three editors. I much more prefer the popup form as it looks much more modern and I believe it stands out more thus resulting in more signups.

There is also a landing page builder. I really appreciate how well designed the pre made landing pages are. I chose one and barely needed to make any design edits to it before putting it live to do some A/B testing.

They have an iPad app that you can use at places like tradeshows to pass around and have anyone signup to your mailing list even if your iPad is not connected to the internet!

The campaign reports are pretty standard. They show you metrics such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and spam complaints. You can also see link clicking activity and the device on which the email was viewed. Metrics are shown both numerically and as pie charts.

With respect to integration capabilities, Mailerlite integrates natively with about 20 web services and nearly every other service by using Zapier.

Other features include A/B Testing, auto resend to non openers, autoresponders, RSS campaigns, and a full featured API.

Deliverability was great. I was previously sending with MailChimp and did not notice any appreciable change in open and click thru rates with Mailerlite.

I want to note that Mailerlite just released marketing automation functionality that seems to be on par with competitors but I haven’t had the chance to test its functionality yet.

I am very happy with Mailerlite.

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