What is the difference between Hotjar and Hotjar StickyEnhanced?

StickyMarketers is an authorized HotJar agency reseller and we bring you the complete Hotjar experience at a discount including a few other added benefits which we will discuss below. When you login to a Hotjar Sticky Enhanced account, although you will be on the same platform as all other HotJar users, you will see the co branded logo:

Let’s take a look at some key differences between HotJar and Hotjar StickyEnhanced. Hotjar StickyEnhanced offers HotJar’s plans at a discount. You can see what the current discounts are by going to We also offer free installation. During the signup process you will have the option to let us know if you want us to install the tracking code for you. We also offer paid advisory service billed by the hour. We can help you to configure Hotjar StickyEnhanced so it is optimized for your website and goals. We can also help you to interpret results and to create a plan of action to execute on these insights either by you or us . We can likely help you with anything analytics related you need.

HotJar does have a refer a friend program but you have to be one of their top five affiliates for the month which gets you a hoodie. The only way you can get any monetary credit for your account is if you are the number one referrer for the month. Many times, the number one referrer has well into the hundreds of referrals for the month. Hotjar StickyEnhanced has a more traditional refer a friend program that is not a contest. Every friend a user refers that upgrades to or signs up for a paid plan will earn the user a $20 credit to their account as well as their friend’s. You can see a summary comparison in the table above.

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